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We have great pleasure in presenting our company Colors Hotels & Resorts.. We offer our services on the Balearic Islands. This is where we started, with the charm of the Mediterranean selecting our establishments close to the sea or the beach and offering them under the Hotel-Club formula. Our establishments are sure to delight you with their locations and surroundings and also the quality of our service.

Our location:: On the seafront, close to the beach. Far from the busier, more crowded areas, but at the same time close to picturesque tourist centres with top-notch tourist attractions. In direct contact with nature!

Our infrastructures:: Buildings and installations are maintained regularly to ensure our establishments adapt to modern times but also making sure that the character charm and beauty are kept intact.

Quality of service: This is the true objective of any organisation and naturally for us too! It does not depend so much on what the company offers as to what our own guests expect and request.

In sum, we would like you to have a fantastic holiday with us, and we also hope to learn something more from you that will help us improve in the areas you indicate. We also invite people who work with us to offer the best of themselves, because to a large extent, this is what the satisfaction of our guests depends on.


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hotel club cala marsal


Porto Colom, Mallorca
Four-star establishment located on the west coast of the island of Mallorca.